Divorce Financial Management offers a comprehensive approach to the burning question of divorce for couples and/or individuals. Through our process, you will gain a better understanding of divorce financial planning in all of its stages: pre-, during, and post-divorce. Most importantly, you will realize the value of working with a CDFA to procure a smooth divorce and a stable financial future. Divorce Financial Management strives to not only provide a clear financial picture for you today, but also to incorporate post-divorce financial projections based on your settlement options. Additionally, because a large population of clients in the process of a divorce find themselves facing a question of the value and equity in their real estate assets, Divorce Financial Management provides guidance in comparative marketing analysis. [1] Whether you have already begun the process of divorce or are just in the discussion stages, Divorce Financial Management can equip you with the necessary tools to complete a gentle, proactive divorce settlement.

At the frontline of your Divorce Financial Management team will be William Sanders, CFP®, CDFA™, CRPS®. William has been an active member of the financial services industry for over thirty years and is dedicated to helping preserve your assets. From divorce financial planning strategies to education funding, William provides a full range options that can incorporate tax-efficient settlement. If you are exploring the Collaborative Divorce process, William has completed the Collaborative Divorce Training to act as the financial neutral during this process. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Real Estate Sales Associate, William works closely with individual clients to gather financial documents, discuss tax strategies, provide the latest in real estate comparative marketing analysis, and help plan for financial health and independence after a divorce—all while simultaneously embracing strategic partnerships with attorneys, mediators, and other practitioners present on your divorce team.

Divorce Financial Management Services:

  • Cash-flow analysis using bank and brokerage statements
  • Data on marital and non-marital assets
  • Retirement-plan analysis
  • Financial-impact comparison of various settlement options
  • Evaluation of investments to be divided as well as potential tax implications
  • Mentoring on new financial circumstances, children, investments, etc.
  • Comparative Market Analysis of your domicile and other real estate

To get started with William and the Divorce Financial Management team, schedule a 30 minute free consultation today. Here is a list of some talking points for your consultation:

  • Taking the proper preliminary steps when seriously considering divorce.
  • Negotiating financial settlements with the help of your CDFA™.
  • Planning for retirement.
  • How to update estate planning documents and beneficiary designations.
  • Life after divorce, taking stock of and investing in your new life.

If you are one of the many looking divorce dead in the eye, Divorce Financial Management can help you. Divorce is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life; we are here to help you do it right!

[1] Mr. Sanders offers real estate services through his affiliation as a real estate sales associate with Referral Realty Group, Inc.  Referral Realty Group, Inc. is not affiliated with BRIA Capital Group, LLC or Palma Ceia Wealth Management.