Your financial future is at stake. We’re here to keep it safe.

This is your life and your future. Your personal finances are our number one priority. Take a look at our list of comprehensive divorce financial management services.

Lifestyle Analysis

Through examination of financial documents during the time of your marriage, Divorce Financial Management will construct a Lifestyle Analysis. Your Lifestyle Analysis helps to present an image of what standard of living you and your spouse have enjoyed while married. It may also prove to reveal any hidden assets. A Lifestyle Analysis is vital in determining alimony should it be enforced, property division, and in developing a budget for your upcoming future as a newly single individual.

Data Culling

Creating an inventory of assets will jumpstart the discovery process of your divorce. Divorce Financial Management will delve into your financial history; as your divorce financial planner, this will provide you with the most educated and proactive guidance throughout your divorce.

Retirement Analysis

The stability of your financial future is one of Divorce Financial Management’s main priorities and a key component of divorce financial planning. We will work with you to evaluate your spouse’s 401K and other retirement plans. We be available to connect you with the right professionals specializing in the design and drafting of a QDRO, should the need arise.

Impact Comparisons

Divorce Financial Management is your greatest objective resource; we will look closely at the individual impacts of each proposed settlement. With our unbiased outlook and acquired knowledge of both you and your spouse’s finances, we will help you decide which settlement is most beneficial.

Investment Evaluation

Each investment can have positives and negative impacts. Helping you understand the potential impact of each is our primary goal. Divorce Financial Management will break down each of these assets into categories like taxable, non-taxable, tax deferred investments, household assets, real estate assets, and more. Within each category we will provide guidance on how each asset may impact your current settlement and financial future.

Financial Mentoring

While lifestyle analysis examines the financial implications of your past, financial mentoring will positively impact your future. Divorce Financial Management will look at your new financial circumstances, resources, cash flow and your spending habits even closer to develop a post-divorce budget just for you.